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    A few closets, cupboards or the entire house; offices, garages, basements. You name it, we’ve
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    Within avery short period of time, we can get your home ready to sell. What takes homeowners months, we get accomplished in days.

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    The team at LitL is compassionate and gentle in all we do and we know moving out of a home after 40-50 years can become quite complicated.

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    After the purge of items that are not needed or wanted (and so why should you pay to have them moved…yet again?


Want To Get Rid Of Clutter?

Does your home always seem disorganized and messy no matter what you do? Has it reached the point where clutter is clearly winning the territorial battle in your home? Clutter is defined as objects that are out of place and have a significantly negative impact on the lives of household residents.

It creeps up almost unnoticed until it gains a substantial foothold, and then it seems to reproduce to the extent that it’s out of control. People often feel hopeless and overwhelmed by clutter and don’t even know where or how to start in the journey to restoring serenity and organization to their environment. We are here to assure you, it’s far from being a lost cause. Slaying clutter is important, for the sake of your sanity and quality of life.


Clutter Causes Stress

That vague, stressful feeling that you experience when entering your home after a tough day at work could be caused by excess clutter in your home. You’re tired of living this way but one of the last things that you want to do at the end of a long day is take on the job of sorting through a cluttered environment.  You’d love to invite guests into your home but are too embarrassed, and you have a variety of excuses not to allow people inside. Clutter sucks much of your life energy like a psychic black hole.

Why Clutter Is Bad

According to researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, the presence of clutter severely impedes our ability to process information and to focus because it provides more visual stimulation than we are equipped to deal with. The National Association of Professional Organizers claims that we spend a year out of our lives looking for items that have gotten lost in household clutter. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, one-quarter of all homeowners with two-car garages have so much stuff cluttering up their garages that they can’t even park one of their cars in the garage.

Sooner or later, a solution has to be found before the clutter completely takes over. Many people are finding relief by using the services of professional organizers.

A recent client, Leslie B., says, “You didn’t make me feel embarrassed about my stuff. You respected my attachment to things and gently prodded me to make decisions without being pushy. Everything bad decreased; evaporated even. Everything good increased to the point of great joy. While working I felt very accomplished and much preferred working with you, than alone. It would have taken me years to do what we did in just a few sessions.”

Leave it to Lisa to the Rescue

We have the expertise to help you get your life back once clutter has got you in its clutches. With kindness and understanding, the organizing team at Leave it to Lisa has what it takes for you to leave your clutter problem in the past.

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