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On Thursday January 8th, 2015, I heard Lisa speak at the Sterling Women's luncheon. Lisa is a dynamic and motivational speaker and she said something in her talk that made my energy even more positive. In her talk Lisa suggested we all go home and "tackle" one piece of clutter in our home and see what a difference it will make. I did and it did!

Thank you Lisa for your motivation and for making me even more energetic in 2015! I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who needs assistance in making their space more personal energy efficient!!!

- Mike, Sterling, VA

Lisa, thank you so much for the support you and your team provided me. I could not have done this alone; either physically or emotionally.

- Carol, Leesburg, VA

If Jill and Marie-Therese (of The Organizing Mentors) had not done SUCH a superb job, all of my things would have been lost. The pod was in shambles and the boxes no longer had corners left. My greatest gratitude and admiration for the both of them!

- Linda Hamilton

I needed to "reorganize" my home because excessive amounts of clutter made it all but unlivable. I had attempted to do it myself at various times, but it was always too overwhelming (a huge psychological block). My progress was much too slow, and therefore I had to find a better way. I found "Leave it to Lisa, LLC" on the internet, and called her to discuss possible solutions. She explained her various plans and I contracted her for one of them (she currently has 3 plans of differing costs, each intended for different amounts of clutter). We started the job at the end of March and met every two weeks at first (the plan was for 12-3hr sessions over a period of 24 weeks) and then recently accelerated and had some sessions on successive weeks. The last few sessions were 4 hours instead of 3, so the overall time to complete the job was shorter than planned. The last session of the first contract will be Wednesday, July 2. However, I will enter into a new contract for $4,500 to work on the upstairs bedrooms (3), bathrooms (2), and adjoining hallways.

Lisa has been very flexible with the scheduling and always conducts herself in a very professional manner. If you don’t know where to start, she will come up with a plan and start it for you. You are also encouraged to help, but this is optional. In my case, I had to sort through credit card receipts, pay stubs, papers from work, etc., so that she didn’t have to take valuable session time doing it instead. Much of this was given to me as “homework” to do between sessions. We accomplished a lot more this way. I guarantee that you will see “progress” after the very first session!

Also included with my plan was 3 cleaning service sessions. The person has so far cleaned my kitchen — all of it — including washing the dishes, sink, rearranging the cupboards, and cleaning the floor. It took about 5 hours. The “before” and “after” photos were quite striking. I am very pleased that my kitchen is once again functional.

I most highly recommend “Leave it to Lisa” to anyone who finds the task of reorganizing or decluttering their spaces too daunting. She will make it feel (almost) painless.

- William, Sterling, VA

I've used Lisa and her team numerous times, from paper organization to a major garage organization, they are wonderful! They haul the stuff away, repurpose things and even take the donations to be donated and bring you the receipts 🙂 They even went above and beyond by purchasing storage bins, letting us borrow their carpet shampooer, and a little painting. I highly recommend Leave it to Lisa and her team!

- Patrice, Potomac Falls, VA

I've been using "Leave It to Lisa, LLC" since March for "whole house" decluttering and reorganizing. Lisa decluttered my kitchen, dining room, living room, and basement of excess boxes of papers, books (especially), items that I had duplicates of, and anything else that covered the floor. We are now working on the bedrooms upstairs. Lisa designates items as either (1) keep, (2) donate, (3) recycle, or (4) throw out. Don't worry - she is also careful to get your okay before donating or recycling anything. She takes the items to be donated with her at the end of each session. In my case, she also carried the items to be recycled to the front of my home for pickup. She also brought back the tax receipts for the donated items.

Lisa has been very flexible with scheduling and always conducts herself in a very professional manner. She takes charge and shows much enthusiasm in her work. And, she is absolutely non-judgmental about the clutter. You'll love working with her.

-William, Sterling, VA

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the wonderful services of Lisa Rigoni of "Leave it to Lisa"! Lisa decluttered my over-cluttered house with great efficiency and calm and importantly left me feeling much less overwhelmed in preparation for my upcoming move to Riderwood.  She is a total pleasure to work with --
I thank you for your recommendation to utilize her services.

-Fay, Vienna, VA

Before I started working with Lisa, I was paralyzed with the amount of work that was needed to organize my home. I was totally overwhelmed. She helped me stay focused on which ever project we were working on, and she really dug in and helped me. My 13 year old son's bedroom was out of control. Organizing and having him maintain his room was a constant job. Lisa really helped me get to the bottom of all of it, and really clear it out. When my son came home from school, he was thrilled, gave me a big hug, and has enjoyed working and playing in there ever since. I now have Lisa come to my home approximately every other week, so I can stay on top of things, and keep things maintained

- Nanc, Vienna, VA

Though I have always been an organized person, because I am managing everyone else's lives all the time, I simply do not want to use my spare time to organize more. Lisa is helpful, non-judgmental, and positive, focused, and has a great personality. She is someone who is very easy to work with and accomplishes a lot in a short time.
I will get bi-weekly or monthly appointments set up so the chaos doesn't accrue and pile up again. I would rate the sessions very helpful. Since this is an endurance race which I am always playing catch up! I think Leave it to Lisa is wonderful. Looking forward to working with Ginny on a regular basis.

- Virginia, Arlington, VA

Lisa provided her organizational expertise on one of the catch-all rooms in my house. She was excited to dive into the project and spent several hours focused on the task at hand. The result was a clean and reorganized bedroom again. I highly recommend Lisa for her services and personality. She's amazing!

- Michelle, Chicago, IL

Lisa is reassuring, kind and efficient. She helped me declutter two very challenging spaces. She makes it so easy. I would recommend her to anyone and will definitely hire her again.

- Signe, Herndon, VA

Leave it to Lisa should be named LOVE to Leave it to Lisa! Working with Lisa is like a fun night out with friends - with the benefit of having your space totally organized and functional afterwards. I recommend Lisa and her company to all my friends and clients without reservation.

- Carolyn, Reston, VA

I hired Lisa to help my sister organize her home after our mother died who had lived with her. Lisa quickly, but gently (she understands sentimentality) showed us how to categorize items to keep, donate, recycle or trash. Lisa has the patience of Job, she is not judgmental and is a dream to work with. She can tackle a garage, an attic or in our case - the entire house. You will not regret hiring Lisa to help you get your life back and stop drowning in stuff!

- Pat, Fairfax, VA

You will be beyond happy if you engage Lisa for her organizing service. She brings intelligence, commitment, unlimited energy and a sense of fun that is individually tailored to each client.

- Claudette, Sterling, VA

Lisa was just terrific! She helped me to get my office organized when I had been at a standstill. She rolled her sleeves up and made it all happen. Lisa broke the task down and pulled it all together so I can now be productive in my neat and organized space. I highly recommend her!

- Suzi, Ashburn, VA

I can't even describe how good it felt! I never thought I would get my garage back. And just in time for the snow storm! I want to thank you for your genuine concern. It's refreshing to see someone who truly wants to help others and is not all about the dollar. Your positivity is inspiring! So, thank you. I really appreciate it! I'm looking at my calendar for booking monthly appointments. Ginny is great, too. Thanks so much. God bless you!

- Marie, Centerville, VA

I hired Lisa on a personal basis to assist with organization of a shared home/work multi-purpose space where I work. Lisa is extremely personable, professional, and very creative with re-purposing items which I already owned. She is also very conscious of re-cycling unused or under-used items and we ended up with a large pile to donate to a local charity thrift shop.
Please do not hesitate to hire Lisa - she is a gem!

- Laura, The Bronx, NY

I whined that my pantry was a nightmare, I hated how I couldn't find anything. Lisa came over and changed it all for me. She sorted and reorganized, got rid of expired products, compiled the duplicates and re-packaged them together to save on space. We found food I had forgotten about and bought more of. We had wasted so much money because of the boxes and packages of stuff we couldn't even see... way in the back."
"Thanks to Lisa, we can quickly see what we need. We are saving money not buying duplicates and I've actually lost some weight... She placed all the snacks on the bottom shelf and I found, if I don't see it, I don't crave it!

-Janet, Ashburn, VA

Organizing my basement storage was so overwhelming and I just didn't know where to start. Lisa definitely made the task less daunting. I was so surprised how much was accomplished in only 2 short hours!

-Lissa, Herndon, VA

Lisa, you are my hero! You're like a tornado of good deeds.

-Lindsey, Arlington, VA

I dread your arrival and I can't wait for you to leave. (for us to finish?) And I enjoy working with you anyway. It's amazing how much we accomplish in 4 hours!

-Danni, Falls Church, VA